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Portable IncrediMail 5.3.1 Build 2750  

IncrediMail is an advanced e-mail client that offers you an unprecedented interactive
experience. With IncrediMail you can personalize your e-mail according to your mood
and personality. Unique multimedia features will enable you to tailor your email
experience so that it fits your mood and personality. Visual effects will entertain
your every sense. Choose from an assortment of e-mail backgrounds, animations, sounds,
3D effects, emoticons, dancing letters, random notifier selection, improved style box
navigation, enahnced editing capabilities and e-cards and make them all become part of
your e-mail.

- Variety of backgrounds, animations and sounds
- Animated Emoticons to enliven your text
- Vibrant Incoming Email Notifications
- Cool 3D effects (sending, receiving and deleting your messages)
- Personal signatures
- Voice Message Recorder
- Ever growing Online Gallery with a wide and constantly updated graphical content bank
And so much more...

Additional features:
· Amazing animations
· Personal handwritten signatures
· Unique fonts
· Old typewriter typing sounds
· Multimedia Attachments Preview
· Capturing Animations from the Web
· Flash window indicating time and email status
· Easy placement of your pictures in email
· On the fly Spell Checker
· Simple exchange of graphical content between users

What's New in Build 2740 - Released January 15, 2007 :
- Improved 'Data and Settings Transfer' capability
a. No size limitation for transferred files
b. Easily transfer your licenses, graphical content, email messages, and settings
- Updated dictionaries of the following languages: Dutch, French, Italian, German,
Swedish, and Danish
- Added 'Right-to-Left' button that changes language and typing direction
- Bug fixes

600 Letters for IncrediMail E-Mail and an IncrediMail File Browser which
allows you to see a quick view of all your collection of letters, and shows
components in them.

IncrediMail Letters 1-100
IncrediMail Letters 101-200
IncrediMail Letters 201-300
IncrediMail Letters 301-400
IncrediMail Letters 401-500
IncrediMail Letters 501-600

File Browser:
It's a learning program for Incredimail fans.
This tool is made for you to practise.
On the net you can find imf files, and installing them into incedimail is
the only simple way to browse them.
This tool lets you see the letter model, its font informations, names,
trademarks and details of the pictures used.


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