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Portable PhotoZoom Professional 2.2.0  

PhotoZoom Professional is a useful tool which is based on a patented, self-adjusting, advanced interpolation method, called S-Spline Technology. It introduces a revolutionary approach to digital image enlargement. It is able to render true to life image magnifications without the serrated edges - yet perfectly focused - without visible loss of quality!

Here are some key features of “PhotoZoom Professional”:
· Enlarge your images with S-Spline, the No. 1 resize technology in the world. Awarded and praised by the professional and consumer press over and over again.
· The S-Spline Algorithm is being improved to make sure that you will not have to suffer any quality loss.
· Batch conversion allows you to resize whole series at once, easily adjust the setting for a batch and there you go.
· Extensive support for high-end image formats (such as 48 & 64 bit images)
· The software comes as both standalone application and Adobe Photoshop compatible export plugin, making sure that whatever it is you prefer, the workflow runs smoothly.
· For fast results it has a quick menu to easily select S-Spline and a predefined setting like “Photo - Detailed” or “Graphics - Strong edges”.
· For a subtle finishing touch S-Spline allows you to control the end results by providing the advanced fine-tuning tools.
· Compare quality to what competing programs do by switching between S-Spline and any of the other existing interpolation algorithms that are available in for e.g. Adobe® Photoshop
· Large preview window with zooming functionality to show you the end resize result in great detail.

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