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Portable YouTube FLV to AVI Suite Enterprise 2.3.3  

YouTube FLV to AVI Suite Enterprise | 4,2 MB

YouTube FLV to AVI Suite Enterprise is a powerful, easiest and fastest FLV to AVI converter, YouTube, Google video, Myspace and a lot of other popular streaming video sites link grabber and power downloader application for grabbing, downloading and converting FLV to AVI movie and video with excellent output quality. Avi files then can be played in Windows Media Player or other standard multimedia player. With integrated advanced MPEG4 encoder, it is faster than other FLV to AVI Converter software.


* Support ALL types of FLV files including On2 vp6 video FLV, H.263,H.264 video FLV and audio FLVs.
* Support YouTube, Google video, Myspace and a lof of other popular streaming video sites link grabber
* In Enterprise version added a lot of video sites (For children protection sites with adult content are disabled as default.
You can simple activate them with [CTRL key + left mouse click] anywhere in the form.)
* Support power downloader with enhanced download speed. Turbo Download ON switch is automatically set to optimal downloading speed.
(Few videos could be downloaded from some servers without turbo mode.)
* Power downloader supports multithread downloading (up to 10 times faster then other downloaders)
* Support check and test if video was successfully downloaded
* Support download resuming
* Easy-to-use interface
* Output profile is adjustable, you can compress movies to any size and quality you need

What's new:

* In version 2.2.0 added Clever Wizard "magic wand icon", that helps you to find and download the latest viewed video in your internet browser.
* In version 2.2.3 updated and implemented new script of Youtube site. This software is only one in the universe at this time, that can download videos from Youtube site.
* In version 2.2.4 added "Check for update" function. Some minor graphic changes
* In version 2.3.0
- fixed audio offset in damaged source FLV files
- added more output video settings
- added clever drop target for comfortable use (work fine with Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)
- easily find your downloads (added Goto File button)
* In version 2.3.1 updated Google video site

Download (4.2 MB)

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  • Anonymous
    February 8, 2010 at 3:08 AM  

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    I've been screwed over by crazy price changes in the past... especially this one time when I bought a Micro SD card for my DS flashcard at what I mistakenly assumed was a steal, only to later see that it had dropped five bucks in a week.

    (Submitted using Nintendo DS running [url=http://crystalguo.vox.com/library/post/how-does-the-r4i-or-r4-work.html]R4 SDHC[/url] NePof)

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