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Portable SuperBot  

Portable SuperBot | 2.43 MB

By using SuperBot to save your important and frequently used websites directly on your PC, you will ensure that you never lose access to vital Web information. Save websites on your PC for fast and reliable access

When you find an article on the web that you want to keep, how do you save it for safe keeping? Do you try to print it? If so, then you are probably already familiar with these problems:

* Many websites are not formatted for printing, and therefore become difficult to read.
* Links no longer work on the printed page.
* Searching for specific words or phrases is a tedious task.
* Printing documents unnecessarily wastes paper, and clutters your workspace.

The best way to save a web page or website is not to print it, but to save it! Keep an electronic copy on your computer, or burn it to CD/DVD.
Create electronic archives of important websites

When you use SuperBot to download and save information from the web, you get the benefits of printing without the costs. The original layout and format of the pages is retained. Links can be used to navigate the copied sites. Automated searching and highlighting can be performed. And, if necessary, you can always print out the copied web pages on paper.
Capture snapshots of dynamically changing websites

The World Wide Web is updated constantly, and what is here today may be gone tomorrow.

* Forum moderators and members edit past discussions.
* Webmasters and ISPs move or delete older pages.
* Online databases are refreshed and purged.
* Search engines change ranking criteria, making sites practically unreachable.

One day, due to circumstances beyond your control, your critically important data may simply disappear. Have you saved a backup copy?
Backup critical portions of the Internet on your PC

SuperBot creates functional mirrors of the websites you choose, directly on your laptop or desktop computer. No matter what happens to the online version, your copy will stay the same. You can even transfer the mirror onto CD or DVD, and share it with friends and colleagues.
SuperBot: A Superior Offline Browser

Since it was first released in 1997, SuperBot has set the standard for offline browsers. While copycat utilities claim to be "both powerful and easy to use," SuperBot actually delivers on both counts.
Download websites with a single click

SuperBot integrates with your existing web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera) to make downloading a breeze.

1. Surf to a page or website you want to save.
2. Press F6. Running in the background, SuperBot will save the page or website.

Filter out unwanted files

SuperBot includes more than a dozen different filters to ensure that you save exactly what you want, and nothing more. Intelligent use of these filters speeds up the download process, and shrinks the size of the copied websites. Filters include file size, extension, MIME type, location, protocol and more.
Automation and command-line support

SuperBot fully supports "silent" or automated download operations. You can schedule downloads to occur at a specific time or frequency, and start them from batch files or scripts.
Exclusive features

Useful features you won't find in competing offline browsers include...

* Slideshow viewer
* Integrated CD burning
* Website analysis reports
* Automatic HTML find/replace and highlighting
* and more!

Download - RapidShare
Download - FileFactory

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