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Portable Incomedia Website X5 7.0.6  

Incomedia Website X5 7.0.6 PortableIncomedia Website X5 7.0.6 Portable | 57.05 MB

WebSite X5 is a very easy to use Web design program. When using WebSite X5 you will be taken step by step through a series of content features where you will be able to design and set up your Web site. By working through this step by step process you'll be able to create an entire Web site, with several pages, in less than an hour.

You can watch as your Web site develops step by step. Add text, tables, images, videos, animations, slideshow, image galleries, HTML objects and data sending forms. All this will be done without you having to know any kind of coding language. Just click and add, then fill in the blanks.

Features of Incomedia WebSite X5

* Drag and Drop Design - Drag objects such as text boxes, tables, graphics boxes, video and audio, HTML code, slideshows and animation onto the different sections of your Web pages. Then set up the objects to have them on your page.

* Layouts - Choose from several different layouts for your Web pages. Add your own colors too.

* Graphics, Audio and Video - Adding graphics, audio and video to your Web pages is simple. Just add the object box to the Web page where you want it. Then choose the graphic, audio or video file from your computer.

* SlideShow - Add the slideshow object box to your Web page. Then choose the photos you want to add to your slideshow.

* Tables - Create tables to show off your ideas or to just put things in a certain order on your Web page.

* Email Forms - Let people send you email the safe way by using the email forms provided.

* More Tools - Scroll bars, menus, pop up menus, text styles. Add shopping carts, create a reserved area on your site and add RSS feeds.

* HTML Code - If you want to add something special to your Web site, use the HTML code feature.

* Upload and Export - When you're all finished creating your Web site, upload it to your Web host or save it to a disk.

Creating Your Web Site

1. Start up the Incomedia WebSite X5 software. Then fill out the form that comes up with the name of the your site, description, keywords, email and web site icon.

2. Choose your menu design. You can have your Web site's menu on the top or on the side.

3. Choose a template from several different designs. Then choose a color for your template.

4. Edit your Web site's top banner. Add your page title, change colors and text size, add graphic or flash animation, add effects like a glow or border to the text and change fonts.

5. Add new levels and more Web pages to your site. Add folders to help keep your Web site's pages organized. Your folders can be for things such as folders for each member of your family or folders for your different interests or clubs you belong to, or any other way you want to organize your Web site. Add names for each of the pages to your Web site. You'll edit the pages later.

Adding Special Features

1. Choose the objects you want to add to your first page. Each Web page is broken into sections. Drag and drop objects into each section of your Web page. Then double click on the objects in the page to edit them. Add more sections as needed. Objects that you can add to your Web pages are:

* Text boxes, so you can add text to your Web pages.
* Graphics, photos, clip art and other images.
* Tables
* Flash animation
* Videos
* Audio and other sound files.
* Slideshows
* Image browser
* Email forms
* HTML code

2. Edit each page that you added to the site when you added folders and pages. Each page will come up in turn and you can create the page. Add photos and text, and whatever else you want.

3. Advanced Settings: create and edit scroll bars, menus, pop up menus, text styles. Add shopping carts, create a reserved area on your site and add RSS feeds.

4. Export/Upload: Upload the site to the Internet when you're finished creating and editing it. You'll need to have a Web host that uses FTP. All files will be uploaded to the site for you. Save the Web site to a disk if you so choose so you can take it with you to have someone else edit it. Place all the files for the site in a folder on your computer to save it or as back up.

Download - RapidShare
Password : m1cky[b]

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